Who we are
GREEN EARTH is a fund management company specializing in the acquisition of environmentally polluted properties in Japan providing the most suitable solutions for remediation of each targeted real estate through an investment fund called "Eco-Land-Fund". We identify ourselves as a pioneer in contributing redevelopment of illiquid and polluted lands, or "brownfiels" , spread across the nation. Eco-Land-Fund offers two most important and essential elements namely "financial capital" and "consulting know-how and do-how" in dissolving untouched brownfields in Japan.

Features of Eco-Land-Fund
The fund provides positive social, economic environmental improvements for concerned parties such as property owners, potential purchasers of the lands, neighboring communities and the regions. It also aims to offer attractive returns for capital providers with fiduciary responsibilities by rigidly defined company's investment principle and process. The fund also tries to facilitate a concrete realization of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) by all concerned parties and to establish a new business model for remediation of impaired real estate properties in Japan.

Company Profile
Name: GREEN EARTH Co., Ltd.
Address: Sanko Bldg. 10F 1-1 Kagurazaka Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825,
Establishment: October 1, 2004
President and CEO: Toshio Fukuda

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